Bioinformatics Lab, Hull University, UK

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The University of Hull Bioinformatics Lab

We are in the School of Biological Biomedical and Environmental Sciences at the University of Hull. The lab is run by Dr Dave Lunt (@davelunt). We work primarily on genomic datasets investigating evolutionary patterns and processes.

Some of the projects ongoing include

The evolutionary genomics of reproductive mode

This is a NERC funded grant between Dave Lunt (@davelunt) in Hull and Mark Blaxter at the University of Edinburgh. Dr Amir Szitenberg (@szitenberg) is the PDRA in Hull investigating the way in which changes in reproductive mode drive changes in genome content and structure.

ReproPhylo- Reproducible Phylogenomics

ReproPhylo is a python environment for phylogenomics giving the researcher tools for large scale data analysis while quietly assuring that the experimental datasets, provenance, and actions are recorded to deliver a reproducible experiment. Amir Szitenberg (@szitenberg) and Dave Lunt (@davelunt) have worked on this.

Evolutionary comparative genomics

Steve Moss (@gawbul) is carrying out a PhD in the lab using bioinformatic approaches to investigate and characterise the patterns and processes of genome evolution.